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About Us

Dr. Dennis Short and Dr. Todd Cevene created Chiropractic Success Academy (CSA) to fill a void in the Chiropractic profession. Few Chiropractors will ever know success, which will eventually destroy this great profession. To continue to spread the philosophy and healing of Chiropractic we must also create successful Chiropractic businesses. Our schools do a great job teaching the academic and clinical side of practice but rarely equip the student with the business knowledge necessary to run a successful practice. Up until now practice management groups have filled that role however, they can be expensive and definitely do not guarantee success. CSA has brought all the information you need to create a profitable Chiropractic business in the form of easy to watch videos at the lowest price possible. We also offer an easy to use statistics tool to help you manage and maximize profitability. With these tools offered to our clients at such a low cost there is no need for any Chiropractor to financially struggle. Success can be yours without breaking the bank. More money, More Certainty, More Freedom.

Dr. Dennis Short

“You can be anything you want to be,” is the motto of Dr. Dennis Short. He is originally from eastern Canada where he grew up in a small fishing village, that never had much opportunity. He had humble beginnings where he was raised with 2 siblings by a widowed mom that learned to live with little to no money. When asked how this has shaped his life Dr. Short states; “Most people believe that in order to succeed you need to be born with a silver spoon but in this great country anyone can succeed with enough drive and determination. If I can do it, you can do it.” He currently lives in Kentucky where he and his beautiful wife raise 3 children and own 11 Chiropractic offices. He is obsessed with the question, why do so many Chiropractors struggle while others grow large profitable practices? Which has lead him to write 2 books, The Ultimate Chiropractic Practice and The Short Road to Health. He is excited to launch Chiropractic Success Academy allowing him to share the knowledge that he has learned on how to open and grow Chiropractic businesses; because his ultimate goal is to expand the Chiropractic profession where business success is the norm rather than the exception.

Dr. Todd Cevene

A foundation comprised of strength, love, faith, courage, and honor resonate the deepest for Dr. Todd Cevene. Over the last 15 years, in conjunction with writing in a book, Dr. Cevene has owned and operated a very large, medically integrated practice with focus on all aspects of health and wellness. Services include: Chiropractic, Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Sleep, Blood, and Hormone Labs and Weight Loss. The clinic sees over 20,000 service visits a year. Dr. Cevene currently live in Illinois; with a beautiful wife and 3 daughters whom he loves very deeply. He has done a substantial amount of consulting and speaking in front of up to 5000 people for hospitals, groups, and private medical and chiropractic offices and it has taken him all over the world. With continual experience with Fortune 500 CEO’s and owning multiple offices with over 150 employees, Dr. Cevene has a range of experiences that he is excited to share with the Chiropractic Success Academy as he partnered with Dr. Short for its launch and growth.