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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to enter in the appropriate data into your statistic tool but where do I find the base data?

The data you need can be easily gotten from your practice management software. Whatever billing software you use you should be able to get the information you need. If you are having trouble finding the information please contact your software provider for help. When the show you how to get the information the first time it will be easier next month when you need the information again.

Isn’t it unethical from me to change my billing practices just to make more money?

Not only is it unethical it is also illegal. CSA will never ask you to change your billing just to make more money. However, what we generally observe Chiropractors are doing a lot more work than they are currently billing for and for that reason losing the potential income associated with that billing. Never bill for services not rendered but if you are not billing for certain services, that are in your scope of practice, and you may not be doing the best you can to get patients well as quickly as possible. Sure adjusting a patient’s neck may eventually remove carpal tunnel syndrome but adjusting the wrist may help the patient quicker and it is a billable service, in most locations.

How often should I calculate my data in the statistics tool?

Chiropractic practice can be erratic. Sometimes you are swamped with patients and other times you are hoping someone walks in the door. If you do your practice analysis weekly you will not get accurate numbers however if you do them yearly you will not be able to make the micro changes needed quickly enough to fix small problems before they become bigger problems. For that reason CSA recommends that you do your statistical analysis once a month. It is best that you do it the same day every month for the best comparison.

If the information CSA supplies relevant for all countries and all states?

Every Chiropractor is under the regulations of their state or country. There is no way CSA could possibly know the legalities for all possible locations. If you have a question regarding the legality of using a procedure or billing a code please contact your local Chiropractic governing body.

I’m locked out of my subscription. What do I do?

You can email CSA at help@chirosuccessacademy.com and if that doesn’t work please call us at +1 859 904 5619 and we will get you back to business.

Are there any contracts? Can I quit my subscription?

There will never be a contract with CSA. You can come and go as you please but, why would you. We will be providing Chiropractic specific information so you can start, operate and better manage your business for maximum profit at the lowest price seen in the industry. We will also be adding new material periodically such as new video information, Chiropractic professional updates, thought on chiropractic legislation, and interviews with successful business people. We offer so much at so little. However; Yes you may stop you subscription at any time.

What is included in the Doctor level subscription?

Doctors are under pressures in practice that is not normally felt by the Chiropractic student. Not only do Doctors need to have the knowledge to open and operate a practice they must also learn how to maximize profit. For that reason we have added a statistic tool to our website that can only be accessed by Doctor level subscription. This tool allows you to enter in basic data collected from your practice management software and calculate key statistics. We then offer videos for each calculations to show you how to properly interpret these metrics. In addition, we give the Doctor level subscriber the potential to ask our experts specific questions about running their practice. If enough Doctors ask the same question we will create a new video to answer the question to a broader audience.

What is included in the student subscription?

The student subscription is our introductory package. It allows the user to have access to practice management videos that will help you have the knowledge and proper mentality for business success. New videos will be added that will help you expand. CSA believes all Chiropractic students and Doctors should have access to quality information at the lowest price possible, which is why we created this level of subscription.